Mindy Tran

Hi Loves, My name is Mindy, known as ThruMindysEyes on IG. Why that name? Because, my goal is to show and appreciate the beauty of YOURSELF through my eyes.


I’ve been a hairstylist for 2+ years focusing on color/cut/extensions. My goal for every client that sits in my chair is for them to feel comfortable, heard, and seen. I will always listen to your thoughts and give my best advice no matter what it is. My (literal) hair goal is to be able to achieve you dream hair, as healthy as possible, whether it takes one or more sessions. 


Outside of hair, I love being active whether it’s kickboxing, yoga, pilates, weights, etc. I’m also very personable and get along with many. Please go check out my IG page for my work and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Can’t wait to meet you soon! 

-Hair Bestie







Contact Info

Phone – (714) 907-5328