Amber Blay

Amber is a hairstylist with over six years of experience in the field. Born and raised in Orange County, Amber grew up around the beauty industry and found her passion for hair at a young age. Her cousin was a salon owner, and Amber would often spend time around the salon, watching the stylists work their magic. Thus, her love for hairstyling became a part of her DNA.


Amber specializes in color and enjoys doing dimensional, darker textured colors. Her expertise also extends to men’s haircuts, where she loves creating tailored looks that fit her clients’ personalities and styles. She apprenticed under Leilani Hailey, a renowned hairstylist, to hone her skills and perfect her craft. Amber is also certified in extensions, mastering the art of Bellami, Wefts, Individuals, and K tips.


When she is not busy in the salon, Amber indulges in her other passions. She is a passionate foodie who loves discovering new restaurants and trying out new cuisines. Amber also loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, which she finds incredibly refreshing and relaxing. Going to the beach is another of Amber’s favorite hobbies, where she can catch up on some reading and soak up some sun.






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